The spoiler systems from paragon provide an optimum turbulent flow. paragon developed spoiler and/or flap systems, which optimally control the air flow and guarantee the high standards of the OEM by using light and at the same time high strength materials. The movable spoiler blade extends at a defined speed and so reduces the air resistance and lift. If the spoiler blade is not required, it fits in harmoniously with the appearance of the body work.

Thereby, paragon creates the articulated and carrier systems together with their partners, and determines the optimum layout of gears incl. the e-machines. State of the art calculation and simulation software is used to do this.

Furthermore, paragon creates front diffusors and windshields for motorcycles. Here, clearly, great emphasis must always be placed on aerodynamics. Driving dynamics can be improved using paragon systems while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption.

Combined with the other business areas, paragon has a profound total vehicle expertise, which our customers value.