• paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA is a long-established supplier to the automobile industry.

  • It focuses on high-quality solutions aimed above all at the disproportionately high-growth premium segment.

  • Broad portfolio across the five business units of Sensors, Acoustics, Cockpit, Electromobility, and Body Kinematics.

  • Dynamic growth with battery packs in still young Electromobility business unit via Voltabox subsidiaries in Germany and the USA.

  • By building on strategic partnerships, Voltabox has succeeded in a very brief period in accessing various markets with enormous growth potential – total revenue of € 220 million to € 300 million is expected in this area alone in the coming 5 years.

  • Electromobility on the one hand provides the company with a second area of activity alongside the automobile industry. On the other hand the company has already received its first major order from a German automaker in this area as well.

paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA, headquartered in Delbrück, was founded by its current majority shareholder Klaus Dieter Frers in 1988. Today, paragon Group has more than 800 employees. paragon develops, produces and sells high-quality electrical, electronics and electro-mechanical components, appliances and systems to the automobile industry. Here, it focuses on solutions for car interiors and sensors. paragon has profited in particular from consistent turnover growth in the global automobile industry and by addressing megatrends. In recent years, the company has developed Electromobility, a further area of activity and one offering enormous revenue and earnings potential – and that independently of the automobile industry as well. Operating under its “Voltabox” brand, paragon produces high-performance battery packs intended above all for use in passenger and goods transportation vehicles.

Overall, paragon’s operations are structured in the following business units: Sensors, Acoustics, Cockpit, Electromobility, and Body Kinematics. The company develops and produces components including air quality sensors, microphones, display instruments, and spoiler elements. These products serve to improve motoring health, comfort, communications and efficiency – and thus address long-term growth trends in the industry. paragon supplies its products in particular to premium German manufacturers with leading international market positions, such as VW, Porsche, Audi, Daimler, and BMW. For more than 64% of the products, paragon is a single source supplier. For various products, such as air quality sensors, paragon is the world’s number one supplier.

With its Electromobility business unit (Voltabox), paragon has successfully established a fast-growing new business division and thus reduced its dependency on the automobile industry. By forging strategic partnerships with Vossloh Kiepe (electric buses) and Triathlon Batterien (internal logistics), opening a production plant in the US and entering the market for starter batteries, Voltabox has in the briefest of periods created a superb basis for generating further successful growth. paragon has identified cumulative revenue potential of € 220 million to € 300 million in this segment over the next 5 years.

By focusing on market niches and highly innovative product solutions, paragon builds up leading positions for its products in its markets and can thus point to particular competitive strengths:

  • Broad product range and strong market position in its product segments

  • Longstanding business relationships with leading German and international automakers

  • Long track record of expertise and great innovative strength

  • Efficient production with high degree of automation

paragon AG has based its strategy on the target of becoming one of the leading global active automotive suppliers in its business units. This entails the following strategic measures:

  • Increasing competitiveness

  • Extending the existing product portfolio and increasing the share of components per car

  • Internationalizing paragon’s business activities and accessing high-growth markets, especially China and the US

  • Broadening the customer portfolio and exploiting benefits of scale.